Get Started!

If interested, please contact me. A Preliminary Interview will then be e-mailed to you along with an Agreement/Waiver for coaching services. Once both these documents are completed and returned to me along with the initial payment (see below), we can begin getting you on track to achieving your goals in cycling.

Equipment for Enrollment

Stationary trainer  
Internet access
Heart rate monitor   
Power meter (optional)


For the level 2 and 3 coaching packages, the first two months’ fees plus the one-time enrollment fee must be paid in advance. For the level 1 coaching package, the first three months' fees and the one-time enrollment fee must be paid in advance.  Thereafter, each monthly payment will be due 30 days after the first block of training is sent to the athlete. Payments postmarked after that date will begin to accrue late fees according to the details found in the Agreement/Waiver.